Martine Nijenhuis

Martine studied Violin and Music Registration (classical recording technique) at the Conservatory in the Hague and was graduated in respectively 1986 and 1989.
Since then, she has a lot of work experience gained in both disciplines
After completing her violin study at the Conservatory, she found out how wonderful it is to improvise freely on all kinds of music styles without notation of any kind…
Since then she developed this talent with pleasure and made it into her speciality !
This combination of "Conservatory skilled technique" and "improvisation ability" leads to an optimal mix for the folk music in which the most beautiful arrangements arise spontaneously in lively interaction between the musicians ...

Thanks to her experiences with improvising in freedom (in which you have to tune into your heart feelings) Martine choose to make only music in which she feels her soul resonate. ...

At UNICORN she feels at home because the band members are all passionate musicians who make music with heart and soul…
In 1995 she came into contact with "dolphins" music, made by someone who has swum with dolphins in the ocean. An enormous sense of relaxation and destination came over her while she improvised with this music….

As a result, she dared to express herself more and more in all kinds of music styles.
Since then, she started to follow her heart and intuition.

Thanks to lively inner experiences she discovered the healing power and deeper meaning of music and nature.
In the need to express it and thereby make it accessible to a larger audience, Martine created the special nature-concert "Living Water" in which music in all kinds of styles brings to life beautiful nature images, supplemented with inspirational lyrics ... Performed by 9 musicians including members of Unicorn!

In addition Martine plays in the Bach Cantata series in Bergen and in a mini Matthew Passion and she offers along with her sister on piano a special classical recital.

Martine shares her role in UNICORN with fellow violinist Erna Sommer.
Both violists started at the same time with UNICORN and do in quality not for each other under (see also the biography of Erna). It is also possible to see and hear Martine and Erna at once!

Karin Bakker (8.5 years experience as violinist at Unicorn) and Inez Adema (violinist of the first hour) are stand-by to replace if necessary so that you will always have an inspired and magnificent performance by Unicorn!